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Drupal, Drinks & Discussions

Our monthly Providence Drupal Meetup is on the third Tuesday of every month at Oomph Inc (72 Clifford Street, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI). We kick back with food and drink in their very cool office space. Parking is free on and off street (starts at 5 pm). Doors open at 6pm.

The NEW general format goes something like this:

6:30 pm - Module of the Month

Have you mastered a Module and want to demo it for the group? Is there a Module you want to learn more about that we can present? Let us know. Each month we will review/demo a module to kick off the meeting. Stay tuned for this month’s Module!

6:45 pm - Tip of the Month

Each month we will have a helpful tech tip (not necessarily always Drupal) to improve the way you build sites. We would love some group participation so if you have a tip to share, let us know and we’ll give you the floor.

7:00 pm – Feature Presentation

This month, Drupal PVD will feature Stephen Cross talking about Drupal 8 being the Best Small Site Solution. There is much talk about how Drupal 8 is positioned as an enterprise solution. It’s also the best Drupal version for building a small business, blog and portfolio websites. Let’s get together and talk about why that is.

7:30 pm (or so) - Networking and Social Time

Networking and one-on-one Q&A are valuable aspects of the meetup. Do you have an issue that’s stumping you? Let us know anytime and we can connect you with someone who can help, or even make it a topic at the next meetup.

We’ll send a reminder closer to the date with an update on who’s presenting and the topic.

Sign up and RSVP/get notifications at