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Interested in sponsoring a meetup?


Sponsoring a Providence Drupal Meetup is a great value! For $150, your sponsorship pays for appetizers and free drink tickets for the first 15 attendees to arrive. As a sponsor, you get:

  • A couple of minutes to say a few words about the sponsor before the presentation begins. If you can’t make it, or just don’t want to speak, one of the organizers can say a few nice things on your behalf.
  • The sponsor logo and name, with a link, in the announcement  post for the meet up you sponsor. The next upcoming meet up is always the “sticky” post – that is, the top post on the front page – until the day after the meet up.
  • A link to the sponsor with the date(s) of sponsorship on this page, for 1 year from the date of your last sponsorship.
  • Our profuse thanks!


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